This image was taken on Sunday 20th October 2013 on a walk through investigation of Stublick Farm, Langley, Northumberland. Stublick Farm is a derelict farm with two cottages and is located next to Stublick Colliery which is a 18th century colliery designated as a protected monument. \the photo shows a clouding effect stretching from the wall of the farm cottage to the head of the assistant investigator. Is this an exposure anomaly or a paranormal anomaly? We cannot say for sure but we like to think that it is paranormal.

This photo was taken within the chapel of The Castle Keep in Newcastle Upon Tyne on Sunday 24th August 2014.This photo is not as clear as the original, however, if you look at the bottom of the dark archway you will see something. In the original photo, it did seem to look like a mans face with his mouth wide open. This is most likely to be what we call pareidolia. Pareidolia is where the brain tries to make sense of random images, most commonly, your brain tries to make out faces, for example, the man on the moon. In Paranormal investigating, this term is also known as matrixing.

This photo was taken on Saturday 29th November 2014 at 2am while on a secondary investigation at the Bardon Mill Pottery Works, Northumberland. This photo shows a light anomaly in flight, the big question is whether or not it is a spiritual orb or an insect? This is inconclusive as we cannot definitely amswer this, however, we would like to think that it is spiritual (paranormal) and we are leaning towards that conclusion. The reason being is because we used a 12 mega pixel digital bridge camera with the flash located above the camera, also the camera was set to quite a quick exposure setting, so if it was an insect, we believe that you would be able to see the shape of the insect.

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This photo was taken in the dungeon of Chillingham Castle, Northumberland and clearly shows a bright orb. If you look closely, you will see what looks like the effect of it in movement or a double orb, hoever, in all probability, this is just a dust orb as it was not seen with the naked eye.

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