PSB-7 Spirit Box


The PSB-7 spirit box is a communication device. This piece of equipment works by scanning through radio frequencies at a fast pace trying to detect spirit voices (also known as EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena). This works by asking questions out aloud and then getting a verbal response to your question through this device, spirits will supposedly communicate through the white noise of this device.

Full Spectrum Digital Camera with IR (Infra-Red) Flash


As with the full spectrum camcorder, this camera will take photos within a broader range of the light spectrum, being able to see within near infra-red to ultra violet which us humans cannot see. What makes this camera a particular useful tool with paranormal investigating is that it has a infra-red flash (invisible flash to the naked eye), so this camera will take photos in complete darkness.

Tyne Valley Paranormal Investigations

The equipment we use

Digital Thermometer


This thermometer is used for recording the surface temperature of whatever you point it at, for example, if you see an imprint on a bed or a chair and suspect a spirit might be sat there, you can use this device to measure the temperature of the imprint compared to the rest of the bed or chair to see if there is any variation. Contrary to what you might watch on television, you cannot use these to detect cold spots in the air as these are a surface temperature thermometer.


EMF Detectors


EMF stands for Electro Magnetic Field and supposedly an entity will emit EMF

radiation when they are manifesting, so when the EMF detector picks up on an

unexplained EMF spike this could suggest the presence of a paranormal entity.

EMF radiation is static, so if you detect EMF radiation that is moving this could

also suggest the presence of paranormal activity. You do need to be careful and

thorough during an investigation as mains electricity and electrical equipment will

emit EMF radiation.

Infra-Red CCTV Cameras (Night Vision)


Infra-Red CCTV cameras are placed in a particular hotspot of activity and are a good tool for capturing compelling visual evidence. They are a good tool as they can operate in total darkness and can be left running for very long periods of time, they are also good for connecting to a monitor for real time monitoring.

Digital Voice Recorder


Digital voice recorders are used for capturimg EVP's (EVP - stands for

Electronic Voice Phenomena). Spirits can leave a voice recording on a voice recorder usually just a word or two but sometimes they have been known to leave whole messages or conversations. During an investigation you will not hear an EVP with your own ears, you will only hear them when playing back the voice recorder. A spirit voice that you can hear with your own ears is known as a disembodied voice, this is different to the above mentioned EVP.

Static Electricity Detectors


The static electricity detectors are used to detect the occurence of static electricity. Static electricity is caused by movement and friction. On occasions the movement of an entity can cause static electricity, so when the static detectors detect an unusual occurence of static electricity this could suggest the presence of an entity. The static detectors are activated by electromagnetic fields similar to the EMF detectors mentioned above.


Laser Pointer (Laser Grid)


The laser pointer has an attachment on it so that when you use it for paranormal investigations it will form what is known as a laser grid which will cover an area of a room that is being investigated. You can then study the laser grid and watch out for any distortion or movement within the grid, this could suggest the presence of an entity.

Digital Camera


This is a Fujifilm 14 mega pixel digital bridge camera and is a good tool for capturing compelling visual evidence of strange anomalies. For paranormal investigation it is recommended to use a camera with 12 mega pixels or above. Obviously the higher the resoloution the more detail you will capture. Using a bridge camera is better than using a compact camera as the lens is situated on top of the camera and is located further away from the lens, thus reducing the risk of capturing dust orbs.


IR (Infra-Red) Torches


One theory is that spirits can hide in different light spectrum's, infra-red being one of them. Humans cannot see infra-red with the naked eye. These torches are used in conjunction with full spectrum and infra-red night vision camcorders as additional infra-red lighting.

Infra-Red Night Vision Camcorders


These camcorders have infra-red night vision for recording in 0 lux conditions (total darkness). These camcorders are used for recording a log of any investigation but are also good for recording where the CCTV cameras cannot be used, for example, a location where there is no electricity. The handy thing about the camcorders are that they are mobile and can be used anywhere on an investigation. Again, these are a great tool for capturing compelling hard evidence.

Full Spectrum Camcorder


This is a Full Spectrum camcorder which means it can record in a broader range of the light spectrum. This camcorder will record within the light spectrum from near infra-red to ultra violet with visible light sandwhiched inbetween near infra-red and ultra violet. Humans can only see visible light and cannot see near infra-red or ultra violet, so a full spectrum camcorder will record what humans cannot see. The theory is that spirits can hide in different light spectrum's, so in theory this camcorder could record spirit activity that we cannot see.

Ultra Violet Torch (Black Light)


These torches are used by crime scene investigators to detect finger prints and stains that cannot be seen with the naked eye. These torches are used in a similar way in a paranormal investigation to detect disturbances that cannot be seen with the naked eye. These torches can also be used in conjunction with full spectrum digital cameras and full spectrum camcorders. Another theory is that spirits are drawn to an ultra violet light.

Digital Humidity & Thermometer Data Loggers


These are placed in paranormal hotspots to record the humidity and temperature of a particular area or room in order to record any abnormal fluctuations in both humidity and temperature. The reason we record this information is that when paranormal activity is present there will usually be changes to the environment and inparticular when there is a sudden drop in temperature, this could suggest the presence or pre-manifestation of a spirit.

MF-1 Multi Function Device


This device has three functions to it. Firstly it has an EMF detector on it which will give you a visual alert to any EMF spikes detected, it also has an on/off audible alert. Secondly it has a digital real time readout thermometer which also has a visual alert to any sudden temperature fluctuation. Thirdly it has a geophone (vibration detector) which has a visual alert to any vibrations detected. This is a great device for placing in the view of a CCTV camera or a camcorder to monitor any environmental changes.

Shadow Detector


This device is ideal for using where there have been reports of shadow people. It is used in conjunction with a laser and is activated when it detects the slightest of light variation within the laser beam. This device is particularly good for using within corridors and when activated, it has an audible and visual alert.

Full Spectrum Action Cam


This full spectrum action cam works in the same way as the above mentioned full spectrum camcorder, however, as it is an action cam, it can be worn on a persons body to record all the action of an investigation while leaving your hands free to us other equipment. This action cam can also be used as a static camera and is very good compared to the CCTV cameras as it has a wide angle scope of vision.

SLS (Structured Light Sensor) Camera (Kinect Mapping Camera)


The SLS Camera is based on Xbox Kinetic technology, using the kinetic 3D sensor to map out spirits which is shown as a stick figure on the tablet screen. Although this technology is scientifically unproven in the field of paranormal research, the evidence to date is quite compelling.

Trail Camera


The trail camera is a motion sensor activated infra-red night vision camera which is usually used to record wildlife. This piece of equipment is excellent for paranormal investigation as it can be placed in a paranormal hotspot and it will only record when it picks up movement. This saves time on having to review hours and hours of video footage on a conventional camcorder, also with a standby time of upto six months, this trail camera could be left in a paranormal hotspot location for a long period of time.


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