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OTHERWORLD NORTH EAST 'Ghosts and Haunting's Explored' By Tony Liddell


Otherworld North East are a paranormal research group based in the North East of England. This book contains local ghost stories and give accounts of paranormal investigations conducted by the group. This book also gives good facts about the paranormal and ghost hunting. This is an interesting book for anyone interested in the paranormal and learning about paranormal research, especially if you live in the North East of England.



the author of this book is one of the UK's leading and most respected paranormal investigators with decades of experience. This book is an interesting read for anyone interested in the paranormal.

UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENA 'A Rough Guide Special' By Bob Rickard and John Michell


This is a very informative text book on unexplained phenomena within the supernatural realm. This book will help to give you a broader understanding of the unexplained and some of the history and theories behind unexplained phenomena not just within the field of the paranormal but within the unbrella subject of the supernatural world.



the clue is in the title. If you want to go and visit some of Britains most haunted and mysterious locations, then this is the book for you. this book will also give you a brief history or story of the associated legend to that location. A haunted tour guide, very interesting.

GHOST HUNTING 'A Survivor's Guide' By John Fraser


This is a brief but very informative guide on the different techniques used for paranormal research and investigating. It also gives you a brief history of ghost hunting and explains the pro's and con's of the different techniques used from a scientific approach to a spiritual approach. A recommended read for any up and coming paranormal investigator.

A Brief Guide to GHOST HUNTING By Dr Leo Ruckbie


This book gives a brief guide into ghost hunting techniques and gives an historical account of some famous hauntings and ghost stories. The main interesting aspect of this book is that it gives an explanation of the possible causes of paranormal activity and the associated theories from a spiritual point of view through to the most scientific reasoning. This is a must read for any up and coming paranormal investigator but would also be an interesting read for anypeople already in the field.

GHOST HUNTING FROM A TO Z 'A Scientific Approach to Paranormal Investigation' By L. Lindeman & J. Kroenig


This book is ideal for people wanting to start out in the field of paranormal investigation. It gives a brief insight to the techniques and equipment used for a scientific paranormal investigation and it also gives a brief account of the associated theories. This book also gives great advice on how to set up a paranormal investigation team, looking at protocols and setting up a website plus many more tips.