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Tyne Valley Paranormal Investigations (TVPI) are based in the small market town of Hexham in Northumberland located in the Northeast of England and is currently operated by a Husband and Wife team. The aim of TVPI is to investigate claims of paranormal activity with a view to proving or disproving the investigated activity. TVPI will try to gather substantial evidence of paranormal activity but before declaring any evidence as paranormal, TVPI will initially try to debunk any gathered evidence. TVPI only employ scientific methods of investigating and never use spiritual methods such as ouija boards, mediums or dowsing rods. Here at TVPI we are very professional in our approach to investigations, and understanding the controversial nature of this subject and the many sceptical attidudes, we pride ourselfs on being sensitive, discreet and if need be, confidential with our clients and we respect our clients wishes during and after any investigation. We will never publish any photos or video footage or disclose any information of any investigation without the consent of our clients.



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Do you believe that you are experiencing Paranormal Activity


Do you believe that you are experiencing Paranormal Activity? Do things go bump in the night? Do you hear unexplained noises or see things move by themselves? Do you believe that your home or other property might be haunted? Are you experiencing strange occurances that you just cannot explain? If so, then why not get in touch for an informal chat or to arrange an investigation. TVPI would relish the opportunity to come and help find an answer to any unexplained occurences with a view to proving or disproving the existence of paranormal activity.


Although we are based in Northumberland, we are prepared to travel to other areas to conduct an investigation, time and commitments permitting.



Chris Berges the Lead Investigator has a certified and accredited Diploma in Paraphsychology and is an associate member of ASSAP (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena).

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What got me into Paranormal Investigations

By Chris Berges

Lead Investigator


As a child I have always been fascinated with the unexplained, from Ghosts and UFO's to Spontaneous Human Cumbustion and myths such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. What really fuelled my fascination with the paranormal was the strange occurences my wife and I experienced while living in a property in Cumbria. The strange occurences that we experienced we could not explain, we tried to find a rational explanation but could not, so to this day we are convinced that what we experienced was paranormal activity.


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